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About Us

Fundly is an Equity Crowdfunding platform run by Osool & Bakheet Investment Company (OBIC).

Osool & Bakheet Investment Company (OBIC), is a Saudi closed joint stock company (Company resulting from the merger of Osool Capital Company and Bakheet Investment Group) with Paid-up capital SAR 60,000,000, divided to 6,000,000 shares of equal value. The company is licensed by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) of Saudi Arabia (License No.: 08126-07), and registered in the Ministry of Commerce with a CR No.: 1010219805 (starting from 05/02/1427 H and ends on 01/05/1526 H). The main activities for OBIC represent in Dealing, Managing investments and operating funds, Managing investments, Securities custody services. OBIC activates was commenced directly after receiving/obtaining the CMA license in 19/11/2005. Currently the company operates in Saudi Stock Exchange – Tadawul.


Be a leading platform in equity Crowdfunding field, by employing the best financial technology solutions to facilitate investor entry into investment opportunities available on the platform in a transparently , with quick and easy procedures.


To please our customers by offering an advanced level of financial technology and providing a high degree of security and speed procedures to the public of investors who want to invest in Crowdfunding opportunities.


1- Consideration between the interest of the entrepreneur to get the best valuation and the interest of the investor to get detailed information to help the investor make the investment decision.
2- Transparency and inclusiveness by providing opportunities as much as possible.
3- Contributing to increasing investor awareness of Equity Crowdfunding opportunities.

Executive Management - For Osool & Bakheet Investment Company

Mr. Mazin Al Dawood

(Chief Executive Officer)
His current designation is Chief Executive Officer at Osool & Bakheet Investment Company. Prior to joining OBIC, he worked as Chief Investment Officer at Saudi Venture Capital .Before that , he worked as Head of Investment Banking at Shuaa Capital . He having held a number of senior roles at Saudi Hollandi Bank & “ABN AMRO - United Kingdom . He was also a member of many companies' Board of Directors. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with finance emphasis from Portland State University U.S. and a M.Sc. Management from City University , London , United Kingdom.

Mr. Mohammed Zakaria

(Chief Operating Officer)
Mr. Zakaria obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Jordan, in 2004 and then he obtained the Post Graduate Degree in Computer Science, from the same university in 2006.He joined Osool Capital in early 2007 and promoted as IT Director in 2009, he was responsible for managing the technology (infrastructure and applications) to drive Osool Capital to be a technological organization providing competitive trading services. He was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Osool Capital from 2012. Mr. Zakaria had a publication in one of the top five IT journals (Journal of Information Science) in 2009 with topic A new sampling technique for association rule mining. He was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Osool & Bakheet Investment Company aftre the merger.

Mr. Joshy George

(Chief Techinical Officer)
Joshy George obtained his Bachelor Degree from Mahatma Gandhi University, India, in 1990, then he obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in computer applications from the National Computing Center, United Kingdom in 1992. He worked for one year as a Computer Programmer with Apple Industries Ltd in Bombay, India. He joined Bakheet Financial Advisors when it was established in 1994. During his career, he designed and developed many IT systems and applications for the firm and was the Head of Investment and Financial Information Technology Division. During his career with Bakheet Investment Group, he also worked as Chief Financial Officer, Secretary for Audit Committee, Secretary for Nomination & Remuneration Committee, Member of Executive Committee, and Member of Recruitment & Placement Committee.

Mr. Hisham Tuffahah

(Chief Investment Officer)
Mr.Tuffaha is currently working as (CIO) Chief Investment Officer. He has more than 15 years of experience in Investment and Fund Management. In 2003 he joined Bakheet Financial Advisors (Incorporated as Bakheet Investment Group 2006-2014), in 2007 he was appointed as Head of Research & Financial Analysis in Bakheet Investment, and on 2009 he became acting manager of Compliance and AML & CTF. In 2011 he was appointed as AMD head in Bakheet Investment. In 2012 he joined AlInma Investment as Investment Funds Manager. In 2014 he joined Mulkia as head of DPMs and was one of key team member and worked on launching number of Investment products . He was Deputy Executive Vice President of Asset Management & also was acting CEO from 2016-2017. He holds Bachelor in Finance & Banking from "AN-Najaj National University". He has also participated various courses, conference and seminars.